Patient Connect – Our Scheduling Management System

Patient Connect – Our Scheduling Management System

Both Rural Health Clinic (RHC) and Family Care Clinic (FCC) will be implementing a new appointment alert feature called Patient Connect

Patient Connect has appointment maximization features by providing the ability to send automatic appointment Affirmations, Confirmations, and Reminders to the patient via Text and/or E-Mail. It also allows registration information to be reviewed and requested prior to the patient coming into the facility. Engaging patients with their appointments can streamline the intake process.

We will be implementing this new feature at RHC during the month of December, and then FCC in January. When we turn this feature on and you have an existing scheduled appointment, you will automatically receive a message via text and/or email (if you have a cellphone number and email on file with us). You can opt-out of receiving future messages by informing the registration clerk at any time.

We have provided instructions on how to use this new feature by using the links below.

Email/and or text document requests

Email/And or text affirmations/confirmations/reminders

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