Canon Aquillion Prime CT Machine

Canon Aquillion Prime CT Machine

On January 23, 2023, Bunkie General Hospital will be once again advancing the technology in the Radiology Department with the installation of the new Canon Aquillion Prime CT Machine. The 80 multi-slice helical CT system with a 40-row detector is capable of generating 80 slices per rotation. It has the ability to scan more patients and offer a better CT experience. With its industry-leading, automated dose reduction capabilities, it improves patient safety and increases quality of care. The Aquillion is equipped with AIDR 3D technology and the high-speed roation allows rapid data acquisition and shortens scan times. The fast reconstruction unit further improves throughput, reducing the time required for diagnosis. Its low dose design will maximize image quality while reducing the amount of radiation received by the patient, and has the ability to scan mulitiple body areas within one breath hold.

     With a 72 kW generator, there is no delay between multiple exams on the same patient, which reduces the amount of time for the exam. The 694 pound, high capacity couch, has the ability to be lowered to 13 inches off the floor making it easier for patients to transfer on and off. It is designed with the SurePosition technology which allows the table to move up and down as well as side to side. This will give better anatomical centering while increasing image quality. With the only 694 pound high capacity couch in the parish, we can better serve patients who we would normally have to transfer.

     The Smart Metal Artifact Reduction, or SEMAR, plays a key role for patients who have metal rods, plates, or screws due to surgery. The Aquillion utilizes a sophisticated, interactive reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifacts, improving visualization on implants for a clearer and more confident diagnosis.

     In CT Angiograms, SureSubtraction Angio Automated 3D Reformations can remove bone, calcium, and stents from the images, allowing physicians to view the arteries in 3D. Aquillion Prime SP empowers you to detect, stage, and track tumors with SureSubtraction iodine mapping available for every routine multi-phased liver exam.

     Prior to installation of the new Canon Aquillion Prime CT Scanner, Bobbie Gauthier and Monica Armand will be attending a week long course at the Canon Institue of Advanced Imaging in Irvine, CA. Here, they will be enhancing their knowledge on anatomy and basic CT information. They will also be learning how to use the new technolgy, from how to build the protocols, to how to use all of the features of the machine. Once installation is complete, Canon Medical will be sending their Canon Applications Specialist to Bunkie General to further their education as well as train all of the technologists to use the machine.

     We are excited to have this new machine and all of the features it has to offer. We will have the capability to perform exams not normally done here at Bunkie General Hospital. We will be able to enhance our patient care and better serve our community.

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