24 Hour Emergency Room

Our fully staffed Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are fully equipped to handle the needs of our community and stabilize emergency patients needing to be transferred to a higher level of care, either by ambulance or air transportation.

Gym at Bunkie General Hospital

Cardiac Rehab

Bunkie General Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab Program is dedicated to healing hearts by providing patients with compassionate, quality care that will support them as they make vital lifestyle changes to promote optimal heart health.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a service that helps you manage your health if you have two or more chronic conditions expected to last for more than a year.

Doctor gastroenterologist in protective clothing holding endoscope before gastroscopy. Medical examination, medicine utensils and instruments, gastrointestinal fiberoptic endoscopy at modern hospital

Endoscopy Services

We are committed to providing top-notch care for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures involving the gastrointestinal system. Our experienced team of medical professionals, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, conducts endoscopic examinations to investigate and treat various digestive disorders.


Fitness Center

Our Fitness Center provides a supervised, climate-controlled exercise environment and is goal-oriented.


Laboratory Services

Lab services at Bunkie General Hospital offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic and testing solutions to support the healthcare needs of our community.

Medicaid Enrollment Center

Medicaid Enrollment Center

Welcome to the Certified Louisiana Medicaid Enrollment Center at Bunkie General Hospital! We are committed to helping you navigate the Medicaid enrollment process easily and want to ensure you have access to essential health coverage.

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Nursing Services

Nursing services at Bunkie General Hospital are the heart of our patient-centered care. Our dedicated team of skilled and compassionate nurses provides round-the-clock support, ensuring the highest standards of healthcare excellence.

Empathetic Care: Psychologist having session with patients at ca


Paces is a structured outpatient program providing intensive outpatient services to meet the mental health needs of the community. Our staff consists of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Therapists, Licensed Practical Nurses and Mental Health Technicians.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation services in Bunkie, Louisiana

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Bunkie General Hospital’s Pulmonary Rehab Program is designed to help people with chronic lung diseases get back to living the life they deserve. It involves a combination of education, exercise training, breathing techniques, and emotional support while in a supervised environment.


Radiology Services

Bunkie General Hospital performs all medical imaging exams using the latest equipment and technology. Our staff is certified in multiple areas and offer professional and friendly services.

Respiratory Therapy Services Image

Respiratory Therapy Services

Bunkie General Hospital's Respiratory Department consist of a team of dedicated professionals who provide specialized care for patients with breathing problems.

Swing Bed Program

Swing Bed Program

At Bunkie General Hospital, we understand there are times a patient requires extra recovery time after a lengthy illness, hospital stay, or surgery before heading home. For those patients, we offer a comfortable and close to home option to continue your rehabilitation… our Swing Bed Program!

Therapy Services at Bunkie General Hospital

Therapy Services

Our therapy services aim to enhance the quality of life for patients, helping them regain independence and confidence.


Wound Care Clinic

We are a specialized outpatient wound care treatment center dedicated to the care of patients with wounds. Wounds that are hard to heal and/or non-healing may be a result of pressure, trauma, or infection.