Radiology Services

Radiology Department

Bunkie General Hospital performs all medical imaging exams using the latest equipment and technology. Our staff is certified in multiple areas and offers professional and friendly services. With our PACs system (“Picture Archiving Computer System”), we can have exams read by board-certified radiologists within the hour. What this means is quicker diagnosis, quicker treatment, and increased quality of care. If needed, a copy of your exam and report may be copied to a CD and given to you. We are also linked to other facilities through Nuance Power Share. We can electronically send your exam to another facility, prior to your next appointment.


There is no need to have your imaging performed out of town, even if you use a doctor from another area. We accept all physicians’ orders and offer these services:


General X-Rays


Modified Barium Swallows

Computed Tomography (CT)



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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